April 2, 2015

Alanna Gallagher on her first day of work at Epic with her mom, Bobbie Gallagher.
Alanna Gallagher on her first day of work at Epic with her mom, Bobbie Gallagher.

Meet a Member!

For many parents, watching your child grow up and begin a new career is an exciting experience. For Epic board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) Bobbie Gallagher, it’s especially rewarding.

Meet Alanna, a new member of our Epic team in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

Alanna is a fun-loving 24-year-old who loves all things Disney, eating out at restaurants, puzzles, bracelets, lip gloss and karaoke. She works out regularly and is training to run a 5K this spring. According to her mom, Bobbie, she also has an infectious laugh and once you meet her, you will remember her forever.

Alanna has been diagnosed with autism and she graduated from the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center in 2012. Upon graduation, she interned at a local hotel as the house attendant. Her job at Epic will be her first paid position.

Alanna’s autism affects her ability to communicate and her understanding of many social cues.

However, with all of her daily challenges, she has found her place in her community and within Epic. Her best friend, and behavior assistant/job coach, Amanda, will be with Alanna as she learns the responsibilities of her new role.

We are confident Alanna will be a valuable addition to the Epic team, as she has a desire to complete any task she starts and she works until the job is done. Epic is committed to creating opportunities for people with autism to have rewarding careers.

Alanna has an older sister, Chelsea, and a younger brother, Austin, who also has autism. Alanna and her brother, Austin, are the reasons Bobbie became a BCBA.

We look forward to Alanna’s bright future at Epic. Welcome to the Epic Family, Alanna!

Photo Gallery:

Alanna completing a job application for Epic.
Alanna completing a job application for Epic.


Alanna participating at a community event with Epic.


Alanna and her siblings.