April 8, 2015

Marta Ballesteros, COTA with our branch in Laredo, Texas
Marta Ballesteros, COTA with our branch in Laredo, Texas

Meet a Member!

Today, it’s our honor to introduce you to Marta Ballesteros, COTA with our branch in Laredo, Texas.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a COTA?

A: I truly enjoy being a COTA for many reasons. However, the main reason I love being a COTA is simply because I am able assist people in obtaining their highest level of functional performance.

In doing that, they are able to be as functionally independent as possible. Knowing that I assisted someone in becoming functionally independent is a great honor.

Q: What’s your favorite therapy tip or activity?

A: My absolute favorite therapy tip is… sensory! Sensory! Sensory! Sensory integration is necessary for almost every activity that one performs. Engaging in sensory integration tasks can be as simple as providing an infant or child with vestibular input (i.e. swinging or rocking) or tactile input (i.e. manipulating Play-Doh or playing with raw rice/beans). Simply allowing a child to play and explore is also an excellent way of providing sensory input.

Since receiving my license, my main focus has been pediatrics. Pediatric therapy, as with any other age group has to be treated with a holistic approach. I have come to find that providing any child with an appropriate “sensory diet” has been proven to be effective with my patients. Having attended sensory integration seminars and always making it a point to provide my patients with sensory integration has been my specialty.

Q: What are your top three therapy resources?

A: My top three therapy resources are Therapy Street for Kids, Therapy Fun 4 Kids, and Skill Builders Online.

Thank you, Marta, for letting us get to know you and for all you do for our patients and the local community!