October 27, 2014


Meet a Member!

Meet Kamdyn, a precious 13-month-old girl who loves music, dancing, dolls and watching her brothers play sports and has overcome many difficulties in her young life.

Born two and a half months prematurely, Kamdyn was having trouble meeting certain developmental milestones as she grew. Her mother noticed this and took action.

In February, Kamdyn began receiving occupational, speech and physical therapy services from our office in Lubbock, Texas, and the results have been amazing.

Before she began therapy, Kamdyn was unable to eat without leaking formula, she did not startle to the sound of loud noises, and she would not roll or attempt to move on her own.

kamdyn-pediatric-therapy-physical-occupational-speech-lubbock-texas-home-health-care-clinic-2But since receiving therapy services, we are happy to report that Kamdyn has made remarkable progress!

Now, she knows how to feed herself and keep food in her mouth. She has learned to roll, sit up, hold her head up, crawl, stand without support, and on one recent occasion, she took a total of 22 steps all on her own!

“All of Kamdyn’s therapists have been wonderful,” said Kasey, Kamdyn’s mother. “Our lives are different because of Kamdyn’s physical therapist, Rebecca Rhodes. Thanks to her, my baby now has the opportunity to live a full, healthy, normal life that I do not feel she would have had if we had gone with another company for her therapy services.”

kamdyn-pediatric-therapy-physical-occupational-speech-lubbock-texas-home-health-care-clinic-1In addition to Rebecca, Kamdyn’s therapy team includes Tiffany Bush, occupational therapist; Kesli Coffelt, occupational therapist and Courtney Stafford, speech-language pathologist and therapy director. Great job team!

We’re all so happy to be a part of Kamdyn’s amazing progress, and we are sure she has a bright future ahead of her!

Thank you to Kamdyn’s family for sharing her story with us.