July 1, 2014

Meet a Member!epic-news-fort-worth-texas-clinic-pediatric-therapy-physical-success-story-home-health-care-3

We are honored to introduce you to a member of our Epic family who has gone through a journey so inspiring, her story has been told through CBS, Inside Edition, Burleson NOW Magazine and Woman’s World Magazine.

Meet 2-year-old London, an energetic little girl who loves to run, jump and climb. Her energy knows no bounds!

Though energy is common in young children, what makes this especially unique for London is that she was born with unilateral tibial hemimelia, a rare condition that affects a very small percentage of the population. The most common treatment for this condition is amputation below the knee.

epic-news-fort-worth-texas-clinic-pediatric-therapy-physical-success-story-home-health-care-1In fact, when London was only one month old, her doctors recommended amputation for her, but her parents declined.

Instead, they set out on a mission to help London take steps on her own, with her own feet, no matter what it took.

After a lot of research, and many ups and downs, her parents located an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in London’s condition. He performed a surgery on London that helped her gain the ability to walk.

Our Fort Worth clinic therapy team joined London’s journey toward mobility in 2012, when she started receiving physical therapy services after her surgery.

epic-news-fort-worth-texas-clinic-pediatric-therapy-physical-success-story-home-health-care-2Initially, she did not want to put weight on her leg. Now, she walks everywhere and tires less easily. Her resilience and strength grow daily, which we see in her love of climbing. Her mom says she climbs on anything she sees, and she loves to sing.

“Epic’s therapists are very gentle and caring,” said Shenan S., London’s mom. “They take in your [the parents’] concerns and help to make the best plan possible for the child to progress successfully.”

We are so proud of the strides, literally and figuratively, that London has made in therapy and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this bright star of ours!

If you would like to stay up-to-date on London’s journey, visit her website or Facebook page.

Thank you to London’s family for sharing their story with us.