September 12, 2014


Meet a Member!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a little boy who has a very bright future ahead of him as he prepares for preschool thanks to the amazing progress he’s made in speech therapy.

Meet London, a 3-year-old boy who loves sports, food and playtime with his siblings.

For the past year, London has received speech therapy services from Epic’s Fort Worth office.

When London began therapy, he was reserved and spoke with a quiet voice. He had difficulty with pronunciation and articulation and as a result, would often let his siblings speak for him.

As therapy progressed, London became more outgoing and outspoken at home and in therapy sessions.

His articulation and pronunciation improved so much that he began to say full sentences and to speak with the confidence of knowing that others would understand him.

Instead of pointing at things he wanted, he began to name them aloud. He started to share his opinions on what kinds of activities he wanted to participate in during playtime and what clothes he should wear for school.

Not only that, but his standardized scores also improved.

epic-news-london-slp-fort-worth-texas-pediatric-speech-therapy-progress-success-story-tx-2“London went from being a child that may have been overlooked in a preschool class to a child that will hopefully be front and center on the first day,” said Landon Hughes, London’s speech therapist. “It was great to see him improve and progress. It was a pleasure to help him and his family.”

London has also developed a love of books, and often brings a book to his mom, Rhea, for them to read together at night.

“It’s remarkable to hear my son speak,” said Rhea. “I want to give thanks to Epic for hiring such a caring person as Landon. I can’t thank him enough for his patience with my son and his creativity in helping him. I am a very satisfied mother.”

We are delighted to hear about the fantastic progress London has made and we are sure he has an incredible future ahead of him in preschool and beyond!

Thank you to London’s family for sharing their story with us.