April 21, 2014

Meet a Member!

Our Epic Pediatric Therapy clinic in north Austin is filled with kiddos who have improved by leaps and bounds, including 3-year-old Norman Rodriguez.

Norman is flying high during one of his therapy sessions.

With the help of a team of speech, physical and occupational therapists, as well as a determined mom, Norman has made incredible strides towards an independent life.

When Norman joined the Epic family over two years ago, he expressed many emotions as he entered the building and grudgingly trekked from room to room to receive different services.

At the time, he had difficulty with communication, relationship building and dealing with transitions. So helping him feel safe at the clinic was quite the challenge.

Little did we know how far our friend Norman would come!

Norman now walks into each therapy session eagerly waiting to play. He has also built positive relationships with his therapists.

Having fun with puzzles is a big part of Norman’s occupational therapy sessions.

When he walks through the clinic, people can’t help but comment on how far he has come!

He has also become quite the social butterfly, actively seeking out and enjoying social interactions with other kids.

It’s no longer a chore to get Norman excited about therapy. Instead, he often takes the lead and directs his own occupational therapy sessions, which consist of his favorite activities of swinging, jumping, bouncing and throwing.

Norman’s mom, Maria Rojas, is very happy with his occupational therapy progress. She is delighted to see that he now interacts a lot more with his family, has good eye contact, and is interested in playing and roughhousing with others.

She is also happy to see that he has begun to take care of himself and participate in feeding, dressing and potty time.

For Norman, the sky is the limit! And everyone at Epic can’t wait to see what the future brings!

~ Crystal Haislip, COTA
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Austin, Texas