October 6, 2014

Jasmine Matula, physical therapy assistant
Jasmine Matula, physical therapy assistant

Meet a Member!

Today, it’s our honor to introduce you to Jasmine Matula, physical therapy assistant (PTA) with our office in Katy, Texas.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a PTA?

A: I love being a therapist because it allows me to spend the most time with patients.

I spend weeks, months, or even years with patients. This makes helping them so much more fulfilling and rewarding because I get to know patients and their families so well and I can watch them grow and get better over time.

At the end of the day, no matter how tired I am, I always have a smile on my face. I think of my patients and smile even when I am not at work on the weekends or during vacation.

Q: Why did you choose to work at Epic?

A: I enjoy spending quality time with patients, which means one-on-one time. People of all ages know and love when someone takes the time to focus just on them.

Q: What is your favorite therapy tip or activity?

A: Making up games with kids. As I get to know a child, I find out what makes them smile or laugh, and the next thing I know we’ve created a new game that is unique to my relationship with them.

Thank you, Jasmine, for letting us get to know you and for all you do for our patients and the local community!