October 26, 2017

Welcome back to our Mom-to-Mom blog series. We’re going to use our blog, and particularly this series, as a platform to help mothers across the board share applicable tips and tricks to help each of us best serve our families. We know the journey isn’t easy, but together we can champion this calling of motherhood no matter what circumstances our children face. Today, we want to help you help yours by discussing ways to maintain family privacy when you have frequent in-home nursing care for one of your children.

Set Space Boundaries

While it is important to make your medical staff feel welcome in your home, it is also vital to set space boundaries to maintain a sense of privacy. The nurse will need access to a lot of places in your sacred dwelling, so pick somewhere inside your house that only family members can go – like the master bedroom. This can give family members a safe place to retreat when needed. If you can designate a special area, like a desk, for the nurse to keep their belongings, sit to chart, etc. that’s also extremely helpful and appreciated.

Set Time Boundaries

If your child’s health permits, set “family only” time boundaries to keep your family unit close and connected. When possible sit at the dinner table and eat as a family. This will make your child with special needs feel included in family activities and give you all a sense of privacy when you chat just amongst your crew.

Set Emotional Boundaries

Discuss with your family what you do and do not want to discuss in front of the nursing staff. This can give your children and spouse a needed sense of privacy when they need to communicate with each other. Situations such as arguments, discipline, and other emotional conversations can be awkward when a third party is involved and only you can decide what is best for your family.

Whatever you decide, know your family’s privacy is important and essential to functioning as a team. The nursing staff will happily comply and not be offended in the slightest when notified with care of these special boundaries. We’re sure they’d want the same in their own home.

If you have additional tips and tricks for maintaining a sense of privacy in your home while receiving home health services, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us or comment on our Facebook post.