September 18, 2017

child in hospitalWelcome to our Mom-to-Mom blog series. We’d like to use our blog, and particularly this series, as a platform to help mothers across the board share applicable tips and tricks to help each of us best serve our families. We know the journey isn’t easy, but together we can champion this calling of motherhood no matter what circumstances our children face. Today, we want to help you help yours while one of your children has to be hospitalized.

As much as we’d like, we know the world doesn’t stop when one of our kiddos faces a medical emergency. While the ill child is being cared for in the hospital, the rest of the family still desperately needs their mama at home. A few of our nurses and parents have contributed their best advice to help you manage your home while you also care for your hospitalized child.

Number 1 – Strive for Normalcy

Kids need schedules and routines to help them succeed throughout their day – this helps them to know what to expect. The familiarity of it all helps them relax, behave well, and thrive in learning and development. Consistent school/activity attendance helps them stay focused on the important things in their lives instead of feeling lost and helpless in the wake of their sibling’s medical issues. Regular bedtimes and the comforts of home are important for the healthy kiddos to maintain. Decide what “normalcy” is for your family and clearly communicate this to anyone assisting you with your childcare needs.

Number 2 – Call of Your Resources

It takes a village to raise one child, much less multiples and one with special needs.  Whoever your village is made up of, don’t be afraid to use them in times of need to help you out. Family, friends, nursing staff, church group members, and/or special needs support groups can all be a part of your tribe of helping hands. Dividing your responsibility load among as many individuals that are willing to help will calm your worries and quickly check off your to-do list. Childcare, transportation, prayer and emotional support, laundry, grocery shopping, and so much more rest on your shoulders. When others ask if you need anything, have your list ready and let them help.

Number 3 – Get Innovative and Outsource

Technology is a beautiful thing when it brings convenience or money saving benefits. Based only on positive online reviews and not our company’s endorsements or affiliations, here is a list of helpful tools available, should you find yourself in need without another person to pick up the slack:

  • Food delivery phone apps – Uber Eats and Favor
    These services are typically only available in larger cities and they do charge a fee for their services, but they can save you in a pinch if you need food delivered to the home or hospital.
  • Childcare and household chores – com and
    These websites will give you details on their employment screening and help you find the right person for your tasks.
  • Groceries – Walmart online grocery shopping and pick up and Amazon Prime
    These online resources allow you to get the groceries and household items you need without stepping foot into a store.

Do you have other tips and tricks that help your family survive when one of your kids is in the hospital? If so, we’d love to hear them! Email us or post the tips in the comments section of our Facebook post. We look forward to hearing from you.