August 29, 2014


Music and Therapy: The Perfect Combination

Did you know music can help your child succeed in therapy?

Music has the ability to create a fun atmosphere and improve the child’s attitude toward treatment and his or her therapist.

If your child experiences nervousness before or during therapy sessions, music can help calm and ease those anxieties. The right melody may also serve as a motivator when used in between or during sessions.

Therapists often use music in therapy sessions for these very reasons.

You can incorporate music into your child’s daily routine to help them develop and strengthen skills that will help them succeed in therapy.

To help you get started, our therapy team in Temple, Texas, shares the following tips.

  • Sing to your child. Singing during bath time or early in the morning as your child is getting ready for school will help improve his or her memory and sequencing tasks.
  • Sing a fun song. Songs such as “ABC”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, or “Three Blind Mice” are easy for children to learn. Select fun music with a creative rhythm and fun words that are easy to memorize.
  • Create your own song. Create a song that makes your child smile and improves his or her mood. Be creative and include your child’s name in the lyrics.
  • Encourage your child to create a song. Creating his or her own song will help your child express particular needs or wants. For example, a child may create a “potty” song that they can use when they need to use the bathroom.

By taking time to incorporate fun and exciting music into your child’s routine, you will help your child strengthen skills necessary to thrive in their therapy sessions. Our goal is to see your child make promising strides and progress, and you can help us in between sessions by using music in daily routines. You will also help your child associate music with fun and positivity.

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Faith Monah, SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Temple, Texas

The Amazing Benefits of Music Therapy