September 27, 2017

babysitterIt’s time for a ‘parent time-out!’ That’s right, you’ve got a kid-free occasion on your calendar and it’s time to find help to cover your responsibilities. Finding a babysitter is often the greatest hurdle we parents face when committing to adult-only events. Don’t let that stop you from attending – we all need a break sometimes. Here are a few pointers to help you screen your next potential babysitter. By finding the right person to watch your precious children, not only will your kids have a great time in your absence, but you will also enjoy your event with peace of mind in tow.

Provide the full job description

When hiring a babysitter, you should be upfront with exactly what responsibilities you need the paid individual to help with. Clearly and completely communicating your child’s special needs will give the babysitter a fair understanding of what they’re agreeing to. If the potential babysitter is not comfortable providing this level of care, they’re not the right fit for your family. Discussing these specifics at the start of the interview process will save everyone time and help outcomes meet expectations down the road.

Seek out reviews

As you are planning to leave your child, your most precious possession, in the care of another human being, gaining employment reviews and recommendations is critical. Word of mouth from trusted sources, calling references listed on resumes, and online reviews via care websites can all be a helpful start to your beginner’s background check. Once you’re satisfied with your findings, you can take it a step further by searching their name in Google or another similar search engine. As a parent, I feel like I can learn a lot about someone by their social media accounts and other search results that appear.

Trust your instincts

An in-person interview is a vital step to placing the right person in the right job – this certainly includes childcare. Not to scare you, but anyone can find a way to look good online. We suggest having a face-to-face meeting with your babysitter to make sure you feel comfortable with them. Once you approve, you can introduce your children to get a group consensus before making the final call.

Childcare fulfillment is challenging, but oh so necessary. No matter how bad we want to, as parents we cannot be in all places at the same time and sometimes we need a helping hand. We hope this article helps you make the best babysitting decisions for your family.