November 6, 2013

With its fast-paced environment, the operations team chose a racetrack theme for the office.

Epic team members in San Antonio are known for providing epic quality, epic service and epic care. But based on their latest work, they will also be known for creating epic designs.

In October, team members decided to turn their office into a kid-friendly environment for clients, guests and staff.

Each department selected a theme, and then spent two weeks making their vision a reality.

The operations team – known as “the pit” – went with a race car theme. The nursing team chose a jungle theme. And the therapy team selected an outer space theme.

San Antonio’s pediatric therapy services are truly out of this world!

“The kids have LOVED the new office,” said Alexandria, quality assurance coordinator. “They come in and instantly want to run around and look at everything! We hear a lot of ‘cool,’ ‘wow’ and ‘I want my room like this!’”

The staff also loves the new look and feel of the office.

“It’s like walking into a birthday party every day,” said Candace, client services coordinator (CSC). “It instantly brightens my day!”

Joe, another CSC, says, “The race car theme complements our fast-paced environment.”

A jungle wouldn’t be complete without a giraffe, monkey and large tree.

While there is no doubt that the decorations have been a big hit with everyone, they have also provided an unexpected benefit.

“The decorations have given us a way to communicate and interact with our clients on a different level,” said Erich, executive director. “For some of our clients who are non-communicative, the new designs offer a way for our staff to engage and interact with them.”

Team members plan to keep the designs up permanently and are considering adding a few more designs throughout their conference rooms.

Great work, San Antonio! As Billy Crystal would say, “You look marvelous!”