March 6, 2014

news-autism-services-behavioral-health-nursing-applied-behavior-analysis-aba-texas-san-antonio-new-jersey-pediatric-therapy-homWe are pleased to announce that Epic is now offering autism services to children in San Antonio, Texas, and throughout New Jersey!

With the growing need for autism services, we are honored to provide care that will help children better manage their behaviors and develop valuable life skills.

Plus, our autism services are unique in that they help to empower parents and caregivers by teaching them techniques and strategies that will help their children experience long-term success.

“The best thing about these services is that they aren’t a short-term fix,” said Jenny Pourakis, regional director of autism services. “We’re really interested in long-term progress so that the child will have the necessary skills to be able to move forward and live a happier, healthier and more independent life.”

With a focus on applied behavior analysis (ABA), our highly trained, experienced team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and ABA aides will work closely with each child and family to provide an individualized assessment and treatment plan.

The plan will address helping each child learn or strengthen positive behaviors, while decreasing negative behaviors. The plan will also address the following skills:

  • Adaptive and self-help skills – Getting dressed, tying shoes, preparing a meal, toileting, grooming, brushing teeth and safety skills.
  • Language and communication – Encouraging communication in non-verbal children through alternative treatment methods (pictures), or encouraging increased communication in verbal children.
  • Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors – Identifying social cues, understanding behaviors that are appropriate at home versus what is appropriate in public, understanding personal space and boundaries, and reducing tantrums.
  • Social skills – Being able to play appropriately with siblings or peers (take turns and share).

We are excited to provide autism services that will help children learn how to more effectively manage any challenges that may arise.

To learn more about our autism services, please visit our website.