May 8, 2017

nurse teamThe role of a nursing professional is a labor of love to be celebrated! From dispensing medicine, treating wounds, and monitoring patient vital signs, nurses keep patients alive and help them thrive. While they successfully manage all of the aforementioned responsibilities, Epic home health nurses go far beyond their call of duty.  We’d like you to join us in recognition and appreciation of these individuals who do so much for the Epic family.

Your nurse becomes your family’s friend.

Our nurses often become an extension of the family when caring for our pediatric patients. Spending weeks, months, and years with the same patient, how can you not? A lot of times, our patients spend more one-on-one time with their nurse than anyone else in their daily lives. Epic nurses are proud of the friendships they’ve built and the love and trust that come along as a result.

Your nurse is often your family’s biggest supporter.

As the nurse gets to know the patient, their diagnosis, and their living situation, the nurse can spot needs in the child’s life. Whether it be training the family in best care practices, suggesting a modified daily routine, or identifying weaknesses in the child’s development – our nurses are always working to improve our patients’ and their family’s lives.

Your nurse can be your family’s role model.

Nurses work hard around the clock for their patients, and with the extended time together families get to know our nurses on a more personal level. As a parent, let’s celebrate the excellent mentorship this provides our kiddos. An adult who has educated themselves to reach their goals, is dedicated to bettering the world through their profession, and shows kindness and compassion to children – this sounds like a fantastic role model to me!

Nurses – thank you for all you do to help our patient families. From the medical care, personal care services, and beyond, your work is noticed and appreciated by the Epic family. Happy National Nurses Week!