July 6, 2016

EpicSelfless, amazingly caring, and dedicated are three characteristics that fit Epic employees. Ms. Patricia Glover, LPN lives these out every day, on and off the job. Recently, an Epic patient’s mother felt so appreciative, she nominated nurse Glover to be an Epic Staff Superstar, and we’re thrilled to share her story.

Ms. Tornabe, the patient’s mother, had to make an unexpected midnight trip to the emergency room. She had never been to an emergency room before and was nervous about the experience. In a panic, Ms. Tornabe called her Epic nurse, Patricia, for advice and to see if she could accompany her at the ER. Ms. Tornabe gratefully recalls, “Nurse Patricia immediately agreed and joined us at the ER, even though it was not her shift.” We, like Ms. Tornabe, are so thankful that Patricia always does what is best for her patients.

Since April 12, 2013, Patricia has been an integral member of the Epic team in the Exton, Pennsylvania community. As a licensed practical nurse, she has served countless patients over the years and helped them improve their lifestyle goals from survive to thrive.

In addition to taking care of her patients, Patricia really enjoys educating the patient’s family on how to provide the best care in her absence. Patricia knows the patient’s holistic health depends on their entire care circle – immediate family, Epic team, doctors, and other care providers. Outside of nursing, Patricia loves to write and enjoys fellowship with her friends and family.

Thank you, Patricia! The entire Epic family celebrates you and your eagerness to serve. Nurses like you are what make the Epic difference in the world.