November 26, 2014


Resources to Help Families and Caregivers

For parents of a child with special needs, the term “normal” means something very different than that of the general population.

The fragility of the child’s condition and the intensity of care often places limits on the family’s ability to be flexible with treatments or schedules and life is never predictable.

A simple trip to the park may include packing feeding supplies, diapers and complicated equipment.

Life at home also isn’t without its challenges. Families often live with a rotating door of in-home care – including nurses and therapists – to provide care for their child’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For parents or caregivers, the constant care of a child with special needs may cause loneliness or depression. The chronic care and lifestyle changes can also cause an increase in illnesses and fatigue.

It’s important to remember that in addition to serving as an advocate for your child, you shouldn’t forget about yourself and the rest of your family. Our nurses can help.

Our team of highly skilled nurses coordinates care and resources to ensure the family’s life is as healthy as possible.

The following state and local resources are available for families and always available via our website:



New Jersey



Life may not be normal, but as one mother said, her life is “crazy normal,” combining parenting, cleaning, and cooking while assisting with care for her son with special needs.

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