April 10, 2013

news-home-health-care-benefits-nursing-children-04-2013There are many benefits to in-home private duty nursing: an enhanced level of comfort for the client, consistent one-on-one care and attention, and increased quality of life for clients and their families, just to name a few.

But it can take some time to get used to having a nurse in your home caring for your loved one.

How will this new person fit into your home life? Will you even like this person? But more importantly, how do you know if this person is really capable of caring for your loved one?

If you have never experienced this situation before, it can be a unique and rewarding aspect of your home life. But it can also be a bit unnerving if you don’t know everything the home care agency has gone through to select your caregiver.

At Epic, we take great pride in hiring the top nurses and matching them with our clients. But before our nurses enter a home, we first go through several steps to ensure they possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide the necessary care

So how do we do this?

  • Licensure — We check the state’s board of nursing examiners to ensure each nurse is licensed and in good standing – no disciplinary action. Each Epic office also re-checks licensure twice a month for all nurses.
  • Professional references — We obtain two professional references from previous employers.
  • Background checks — We conduct criminal background checks to see if there are any offenses. We also check with the Office of the Inspector General for any issues with Medicaid/Medicare.
  • Drug testing — Our nurses must pass a drug test before entering a client’s home.
  • Skills testing — Nursing candidates must pass several in-office tests (medications, OSHA, general nursing, documentation, etc.) to ensure they can provide the necessary care. Also, all candidates must demonstrate to their local nursing supervisor that they are proficient with gastric and tracheostomy tubes, ventilators and PICC lines, when appropriate.
  • In-home orientation — Prior to working in the home alone, our nurses will participate in an in-home orientation with a preceptor and demonstrate that they have the knowledge to care for the clients.

As you can see from the above requirements, ensuring the highest level of care is priority one at Epic Health Services. It’s why we hire the best and provide them with on-going opportunities for advanced training — and why our clients are confident in the level of care they receive.