July 31, 2015


Male doctor in early forties comforting scared five year old disabled patient during office visit

Everyone jumps at a loud noise or something surprising but when dealing with children who have medical problems, sensory issues can be a major source of distress.  Epic Health Services and Epic Pediatric Therapy provide health care professionals who take special measures to help families navigate the complex world of sensory issues.  It isn’t always easy for parents to determine if a child’s response is appropriate for his or her level of development or sign of a larger issue.  Having a second opinion from a well-trained pediatric home health care professional is invaluable.

Each age group is different and pediatric patients can move from one developmental milestone to another quickly. However, there are some signs we look for to help us determine if a child has sensory issues.  These include:

  • Problems with eating or sleeping
  • Irritable when being dressed; uncomfortable in clothes
  • Actively resists cuddling or arches away when held
  • Incapable of calming self
  • Floppy or stiff body, motor delays
  • Over-sensitive to touch, noises, smells, new people
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Clumsy, poor motor skills and/or weak
  • Frequent or long temper tantrums (beyond normal age appropriate episodes)

While not every sensory reaction means cause for concern, if you notice more and more signs that your child is not responding appropriately and the behavior is consistent, getting an evaluation and pediatric therapy could be helpful. Fill out our request for care form today and let us give you the help your family deserves.