April 23, 2015

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Huber speaks to attendees at the Epic Veteran Employment (EVE) conference.

6 Reasons Epic is Hiring Veterans

Last week, Epic held a conference to announce the launch of the Epic Veteran Employment (EVE) program, an initiative which focuses on helping veterans who are transitioning into a civilian career. The event served as a discussion among employers about best practices in recruiting and retaining veterans.

We were honored to welcome U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Huber as a guest speaker at the event. Lt. Gen. Huber retired in 2012 after serving on active duty for 38 years. He is currently working with the Middle Tennessee State University Military & Veterans Center to improve how veterans are received and assisted as they transition into civilian life.

Lt. Gen. Huber shared the following top six reasons why more companies should hire veterans:

  • Competency – A veteran has demonstrated a competency and achieved a task that he or she didn’t have before. Their military experience demonstrates a competency.
  • Commonality – There’s a commonality of purpose, vision and teamwork with a veteran. A veteran is going to seek a team effort and a team result.
  • Candor – There is a candor associated with a veteran. How does your organization absorb candid comments? Does your organization welcome candor? Anybody who has served in uniform wants the ability to make a comment. You want the ability to ask, “What do you think?” If you don’t have candor in your workplace, it’s a difficult place to be.
  • Communication – A veteran has communication skills which were honed during his or her military experience.
  • Courage – People that have worn a military uniform understand physical and mental courage because they’ve experienced times in which they have had to prepare to face the worst case scenario.
  • Commitment – A veteran demonstrates commitment to his or her unit and to our country.

These important skill sets position veterans to successfully transition into the workforce and civilian life.

Veterans have strength of character and an approach to life that will help them do anything they want to do.

At Epic, we are committed to serving those who served our country so faithfully, and we do this in a few different ways:

  • Specialized training
  • Career growth
  • Purpose and mission
  • Challenges and new experiences

If you are looking for a way to continue your legacy of service and want to improve the lives of people after your time in the military, Epic wants you!

To search and apply for jobs in your area, visit our military recruiting page.