March 27, 2015

epic-news-pediatric-home-health-care-skilled-nursing-therapy-south-houston-texas-txAt Epic, our patients are part of our extended family. In addition to providing exceptional care for the adults and children we serve, we enjoy celebrating major milestones with them and their families.

Last week, our South Houston branch hosted an animal-themed homecoming party for 1-year-old, German, and 7-month-old Alexis, pediatric skilled nursing patients.

German was born prematurely and experienced feeding issues which required a gastrostomy tube placement. He was discharged from the hospital because he is now able to eat by mouth.

Alexis was born with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome and congenital heart disease. He was discharged because he has been able to grow and maintain his weight.

“After spending so much time in the hospital, German’s and Alexis’ discharges were definitely reasons to celebrate,” said Tyler Harden, executive director. “They are resilient and we are happy to see that they are able to go home to their families.”

Epic team members Katy Caballero, Breanna Cansler, Sheria Belton, Brittany Jelks, Raquel Trevino, Vanessa Ramos and Heather Bustamante organized and hosted the party.

The party was held in Epic’s South Houston branch.

“It is our honor to be able to celebrate the homecoming of these two courageous little boys with their families,” said Heather. “We look forward to providing each of these pediatric patients with the best care possible.”

Welcome to the Epic Family, German and Alexis!