April 25, 2018

mother's dayTo the mama of a special needs family, we’d like to celebrate you today. Your children adore you and we’d like to join them communicating their love and appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Your relationship with your child is a true treasure, and they know this. No matter what special needs your child may face, you are the light of your child’s life. Motherhood is call like none other and each journey looks so different. It probably looks much different than you envisioned – I think it does for us all. A popular mommy blogger, Amy Weatherly, once wrote a post addressing this called “I thought I’d be more Mary Poppins” and her words can be an encouragement for us all. “And so I’ve decided that while I can’t do all the things I hoped I’d do as a mother, I can pick one small thing and I can do it every day. I can make that one small thing my saving grace, the one thing that keeps me sane, the one thing that keeps me from feeling like a big fat mommy failure. So pick one thing and do it. Do it every day. And do it better than anyone else. You can’t do it all, so do what’s most important.”

You deserve rest, and they want this. While no child is going to put you down for a nap, they absolutely want the mama that shines through after some much needed sleep. From this Mother’s Day on, give yourself some grace, leave the dishes, and get some rest when you can. You may not be able to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” but you can find ways to relax and rejuvenate so you can be the best version of you for your children’s sake.

You’re doing an amazing job, and they feel this. Caring for a child with special needs is an honor and a challenge given only to those with big enough hearts and broad enough shoulders. This famous quote from Christopher Robin is often used as advice for our children, but this Mother’s Day, let it be an anthem for mamas worldwide – “Promise me you’ll always remember… you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and especially to our mamas who care for those with special needs.