April 11, 2017

spring activitiesSpring has officially sprung. Soon, flowers will bloom, birds will sing, and kids will play outside! This season is all about beginnings, which makes it a great time to plan fun activities for you children that will inspire them to learn and grow.

Spring brings a whole world of sensory possibilities too. New smells, sights, and feelings can help your child develop. Here are some ideas to put a smile on your child’s face this season:

1) Make Chalk Scenes

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? Take visual aides to the next level with chalk scenes. Draw any scene where people are interacting. You can draw a school playground, kitchen table, grocery store, or more. The only limit is your imagination.

For extra benefits, try incorporating real toys and items into your scenes. Then talk about each scene with your child. You can take pictures of the drawings and refer to them later too.

2) Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a perfect pastime for kids of many ages and developmental stages. It’s fun, simple, and something the whole family can join in on. Bonus fun if you make your own bubble mixture. Like all the best activities, your child won’t even know that it’s a skill-building exercise.

That’s right; bubble blowing is a perfect way to work on oral motor skills. Your child will hone in on skills like controlling his or her breath and pursing lips. If your child has trouble with breath control, don’t fret. You can get an automatic bubble blower and play some music. Doesn’t that sound like a relaxing way to spend an afternoon?

3) Get Messy

Chances are that you and your children have spent the chilly months cooped up inside. Understandably, this means less space for messy sensory play. Take advantage of the nice weather by taking the mess outside.

This is a great chance to try all those sensory play ideas you’ve pinned on Pinterest, but seem too messy for indoors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sand, water, soap, and all kinds of materials.

4) Quiet Time

Spring doesn’t have to be all about getting noisy and messy. Consider setting up a relaxation station for your child outside. This space can be used to calm down your child when he or she gets upset or frustrated.

You can set it up with a blanket, music, or anything that relaxes your child. The sun on your child’s skin and the cool breeze can add to the calming feeling. After setting it up, you might just want an outdoor relaxation station of your own.

Let the beautiful blooms inspire you and your child this spring. You’ll have a great time bonding with your child and your child will learn while having fun.