June 27, 2018

Its summer, it’s hot, and school is out. What are you doing with your family to make the most of these sunny months together? A few moms of kids with special needs graciously divulged their favorite summertime activities that their whole family enjoys. Take their suggestions and join up with other local families for countless good times ahead.

Adaptive sports
Thankfully our world is adapting and there is a growing number of options available for sports and other fun, coordinated, and coached activities for kids with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. A quick search on the internet for “adaptive sports” will help you find local organizations you can contact and join. The whole family will love going to cheer on your participant at the games and helping them improve in their sport through practicing at home.

Museums are excellent for learning, they’re handicap-accessible, and they’re air conditioned! Children’s museums and museums of nature and science are fun experiences for kids of all ages and developmental stages. You can call the museum ahead of time to plan out the exhibits you’d like your kids to see and secure any accommodations needed to make the most of your visit.

This longstanding, worldwide organization is truly a spot the whole family will love and it can be found in most major cities across America. The YMCA hosts events for kids with special needs and often employs differently-abled individuals of all ages. Children’s camps, sports teams, exercise classes, child care, relaxation, social events, and a chance to get involved in your community – in the famous words of the Village People, “it’s fun to stay at the YMCA.”

Sometimes the summer days can seem long, but the months are short. We hope you have a blast with your family and take advantage of this time together.  If you have other fun activity suggestions for families with special needs kids, we’d love for you to share them in the comments section of this article on our Facebook page. By supporting the entire family, Aveanna Healthcare knows this supports the best opportunities and outcomes for our patients.