May 22, 2017

family travelSchool is out, summer is here, and you’re interested in ideas to entertain your children. Special needs or not, your family can build lasting memories by taking a trip this summer. Trips and adventures will not only provide a great experience in the moment, but they’ll also expand your family’s education of the world around them. Let us help you come up with some fun travel ideas for your family!


A stay-cation can be quite the adventure with just a little planning to help make your experience unique. Attraction availability will vary by city, but you can check with your local zoo, waterpark, and museums for their special needs or accessibility offerings to fit your family. These entertainment centers are great because they appeal to children of all ages and abilities. Take your family out for a day out of fun, and return to the comforts of your own home in time for dinner. If the weather is nice, you could have a picnic with the family outside and even camp overnight in the backyard to add to the local adventure.


If you’re willing to venture outside of your own backyard, our country is greatly advancing in ultra-accessibility and catering to individuals with special needs. For example, many vacation sites in Utah and Colorado offer sports activities for kids with special needs including adaptive or assisted kayaking, snow skiing, canoe rides, and flotation options. Many nationwide hotel chains are also improving their hosting by proving comfort kits, short stature kits, and autism training for their staff. Click here to learn more about these specific hotels and fun state-specific attractions.


The world is yours to explore, so don’t let a disability snuff out your wanderlust. Choose where you want to go, and then get to work on finding accommodations to meet your family’s needs. Are you dreaming of salty waves and sandy beaches for your crew? Great! There are beach-friendly wheelchairs to help all get to the shore. There are also special needs and autism-friendly cruises. This could be a streamlined way for your family to see many destinations and participate in a variety of activities throughout your trip. If you’ll be flying to your vacation, check with your airport to see if they offer airport rehearsals for children with special needs. This can help your trip start on the right foot and have all of your kiddos excited about what’s to come.

We hope this article inspires you to seek summer adventures with your family and make those fun memories together. Despite your special needs, if there’s a will to travel there is a way. Happy trails!