January 30, 2013

news-technology-apps-therapy-children-01-2013Isn’t technology great? From mobile phones and tablets, to internet TV and computers, the world is truly within our grasp!

And a conversation about technology wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the wonderful apps that not only help make our lives a bit easier, but also provide valuable instruction to children with special needs.

While apps can’t replace the one-on-one care and instruction offered by therapists, the apps can help augment the different therapy techniques.

This is especially true for children with speech and language difficulties.

Not sure which app to choose? The Washington Post compiled a list of the top iPad apps that help strengthen the following speech and language concerns:

  • Speech —practice making sounds correctly
  • Language —learn to speak and put words together to create phrases and sentences
  • Reading — strengthen reading skills and improve grammar
  • Writing and spelling — develop basic spelling skills, learn letters and improve word recognition
  • Organization and note-taking — improve fine-motor, organizational and note-taking skills
  • Communication — create custom communication boards with images and symbols
  • Listening — practice and strengthen listening skills via audio clips and pictures

The times may be changing, but when it comes to new technology that helps our kiddos, that’s a good thing!