October 17, 2014


Tips for Effective Use of Technology for Learning

Over the past few decades we have seen significant advancements in technological devices and applications available to children and their families.

The introduction of the Apple iPad and Android Tablet has provided a means of engaging children’s learning in a fun and engaging manner.

Considerably, many technological applications are advertised as being an excellent means for promoting various learning concepts for children. However, parents need to be informed consumers when selecting learning tools that are suitable for addressing their child’s learning needs.

As a parent, are you interested in effectively using technology to help your child learn? We have some suggestions on just how to do this.

Particular apps or online activities can be very effective in enhancing the learning processes of children, and many have the option to choose from varying developmental levels.

To help you incorporate technology into your child’s routine and stimulate learning, our therapy team in Fort Worth, Texas, shares these tips:

  • Determine if your child learns best when information is presented visually (seeing), auditorily (hearing), kinesthetically (doing), or a combination of the three. This will help you decide what type of online activity may best meet the needs of your child.
  • Help your child transfer the experiences or skills learned online by practicing them in the real world. For instance, you may use an online game, such as Turtle Diary, to help your child produce grammatically correct sentence structures. However, this concept may be further developed as you encourage him or her to use the same sentence structures when interacting with others.
  • Ensure you are available to provide guidance to your child as they use the device. Although, children may be capable of independently using technological devices, such as the iPad, they are not necessarily competent users.
  • Collaborate with your child’s therapist to assist in selecting developmentally appropriate technological applications to use during and outside of therapy.
  • Limit your child’s screen time (including TV, computer, iPad) to less than two hours per day.

For more information about apps and technology for children with special needs, visit Care.com.

Dr. Nikosi Darnell
Ph.D., M.S., CCC-SLP
Fort Worth, Texas