February 13, 2015

With the holiday weekend upon us, you may be wondering how you can have fun with your family at home.

Our friends at Parenting.com share the following creative ideas to have family-friendly fun while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

  • Say “I love you.” Sit with your family and ask each person to share one reason why they love each member of the family.
  • Host a scavenger hunt in your home. Create hearts out of construction paper and hide them all over your home for the children to find. The child that finds the most hearts wins a special Valentine’s Day treat, like a new book or toy.
  • Prepare a Valentine’s-themed meal. Put a twist on breakfast with a Cupid-inspired menu. Cut toast into the shape of a heart or make heart-shaped pancakes.
  • Add a splash of color. Decorate your living or dining room with red, white and pink streamers and heart-shaped place mats made from construction paper.
  • Spend quality time together.Gather your family for the afternoon and enjoy a Valentine’s Day favorite such as A Charlie Brown Valentine.

We hope you have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!