February 5, 2015

news-epic-home-health-care-teamwork-pediatric-therapy-skilled-nursing-private-dutyAt Epic, we recognize that each child is unique which is why we approach pediatric therapy with a focus on individualized care delivered in a collaborative way.

To ensure your child excels in therapy and experiences steady, tangible progress, it is important for everyone involved in the care of the child to work together. This includes the child’s caregiver(s), therapists and nurses.

Epic encourages an environment of teamwork and collaboration to help promote and achieve the best possible outcome for each child.

A few months ago, our nursing and therapy teams in Tyler illustrated the positive impact that this child-centered approach can have on a patient’s progress.

An Epic nurse was providing pediatric skilled nursing care services for a child who was also receiving physical therapy services from Epic. The child did not want to use a new stander being incorporated into his physical therapy treatment plan.

One day, as the physical therapist was brainstorming in the patient’s home, the nurse asked to learn about the proper positioning and use of the stander. The nurse told the therapist about a TV show the child enjoyed watching which runs for about the same amount of time the child was prescribed to be in the stander. Together, the therapist and nurse learned that the child could benefit from using the stander during the time he watched the show he enjoyed.

As a result, the child is now bearing weight through his legs, and thoroughly enjoys activities that he could not do from a seated position. The prognosis for this child’s ability to walk in the future is now drastically different than before – all because of two professionals and their willingness to work together.

This scenario is not limited to the implementation of equipment, but spans the gamut of each child’s potential needs, including feeding, self-care, nutrition, behavior modification and respiratory needs. When everyone involved in the care of the child is willing to work together, the child’s chance of success multiplies.

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