June 5, 2015

news-water-safety-special-needs-children-home-health-care-pediatric-tips-outdoor-texas-new-jersey-pennsylvania-delaware-ma-tx-nj-pa-de-ma-therapyAre you spending more time outdoors lately? For most families, summer often means more time in and around water. But it’s important to remember the dangers that water can present for both children and adults. To help keep you and your family safe this season, we’re sharing the water safety tips below from the National Safety Council.

For Children and Parents

  • Always watch your child while he or she is bathing, swimming or around water
  • Gather everything needed (towel, bath toys, sunscreen) before the child enters the water; if you must leave the area, take the child with you
  • Empty all buckets, bathtubs and kiddie pools of water immediately after use and store them upside down and out of your child’s reach
  • Do not allow your child to play or swim in canals or streams
  • Install a 5-foot-tall fence with self-closing gate latches around your pool or hot tub
  • Consider installing door alarms to alert adults when a child has unexpectedly opened a door leading to a pool or hot tub
  • Keep a phone and life preserver near the pool or hot tub in case of emergency
  • Use snug-fitting life jackets instead of floaties, but remember that a child can still drown with a lifejacket on if not carefully watched
  • Become certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Find age-appropriate swim lessons for your child, but keep in mind that lessons do not make your child “drown-proof”

For Adults

  • Always swim with a buddy
  • Never swim if you have been drinking alcohol or have taken certain medications
  • Learn how to swim; find swimming lessons at the local YMCA or park district
  • When boating, wear a life jacket
  • Learn First Aid and CPR
  • Swim in designated areas with lifeguards

For more water safety resources, visit Safe Kids Worldwide.