October 28, 2011

Epic Health Services Wants to Know…Why did you decide to become a Nurse?”

Our Epic recruiters ask this question to everyone who applies to be an Epic Health Services’ nurse. Among numerous responses, one of the most memorable replies came from a seasoned, intensive care unit, male nurse: “At 18-years-old, I had one thing on my mind: women. I chose a profession that would allow me to meet as many women as possible.”

While honesty is a characteristic we value at Epic, one of the key character traits we look for is compassion. Nursing is a profession that requires one to become completely engrossed in — and dedicated to – the physical and emotional needs of those receiving care. Often, we hear our nursing applicants refer to their career as a “calling” instead of a profession. This notable distinction helps our recruiters identify applicants who stand out from the rest, in our tireless search for a truly Epic nurse.

Talented, compassionate and dedicated nurses are an essential component of Epic’s high quality pediatric services. We posed the question, “What do you enjoy most about being a nurse?” to our Facebook audience. Below is a list of replies from our Epic team:

  • “Seeing progress and helping people get to a better place.” — Sherrel
  • “Meeting new people and trying to bring them cheer and hope.” — Nella
  • “The love these special needs children show me each night I care for them, sometimes very subtle, other times obvious, yet unconditional, sweet, innocent. I thank God as he directed my path change for my nurse career; he knew I was ready and was missing the best part!!!! This is what I love about nursing!!! The kiddos!!!” – Melissa

So let us know – Why did you decide to become a nurse?”