September 9, 2015


You learn something new every day. It’s an old saying, but one we believe in at Epic Health Services. Education continues beyond the classroom, and our continuing education program for nurses ensures that we can build a better team who can meet our clients’ needs.

Making sure we offer the best medical care begins with the hiring process. Potential employees go through rigorous screening and testing. Those who join our team have the opportunity to continue their education, learning about the newest techniques and technologies.

Epic Health Services offers nursing skill labs for a variety of different procedures including tracheostomy/ventilator basic and emergency care, infection prevention, and care of a patient receiving intravenous therapy. These labs allow nurses to practice their clinical skills before going into a client’s home.

Epic instructors lead clinical training courses covering topics like gastronomy tube management, tailored to meet the specific needs of our nurses and patients.

The third type of training Epic Health Services provides covers a wide range of topics and procedures. Epic Learning is an online system with courses including becoming a manager, recognizing and reporting child abuse and end of life care.

We believe you never stop learning. Our nurses and therapists at Epic Health Services are constantly learning about the newest methods and best techniques to care for our clients and their families.  Find out more today about jobs at Epic!