November 14, 2014

epic-news-patient-story-tyler-texas-skilled-nursing-private-duty-special=needs-testimonial–The following letter was written by Tammy Carrington, the mother of one of our clients in Tyler, Texas. We are honored to share it with you.–

Epic Health Services is truly epic!

What is the definition of epic? According to an online dictionary, it is a word that refers to a heroic story or something that is grand or heroic.

I think the name of the company is very fitting because of two things: (1) who they are as a company and (2) the exceptional patients that they serve… both of these things are grand and heroic in my opinion. It takes some very special people who have been called to be nurses to care for special needs children.

They must have a lot of patience and a huge tender heart. As far as my son being my hero, he definitely is for all that he’s been through and the struggles that he endures each and every day and he can still have such a sweet demeanor. I admire him for all that he has taught me and I am so thankful that I have such wonderful nurses to help me care for him in my home!

This year (2014) we got to celebrate his 17th birthday. This is really a miracle because he was not expected to live many times in his early years. First, I would like to tell you about my son’s condition and then I would like to share why choosing Epic was the best decision for my son and his quality of life.

My son, Jonathan, suffered from an adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine that was given to him at birth, he began screaming within four hours of the injection and his bowels shut down even though he was a breast fed baby. This blood-curdling screaming went on for 18-20 hours a day around the clock and it was unrelenting. We were told that it was colic and we needed to be patient because he would eventually outgrow it.

At two months old, he got his routine shots and it’s believed that the 2nd Hepatitis B vaccine further insulted his brain but he also got three other shots that day. It was later found out that his DTP vaccine was considered a “HOT LOT”, which was a bad batch that killed and injured a bunch of kids, and this was one of the top 10 hottest lots in U.S. history according to government data.

His hair fell out in clumps and everything intensified until he screamed so hard he blew a vessel in his brain. He had an aneurysm rupture in the left hemisphere of his brain and he died in the helicopter when they were life flighting him, and died two more times in the pediatric intensive care unit.

His medical records state that his brain went somewhere between 30-45 minutes with little or no oxygen from the three times that he died. He was on life support with no hope for survival. We prayed as hard as we knew how. He stabilized but 10 days later his aneurysm ruptured a 2nd time and the amount of blood inside his brain caused swelling and shifting and they predicated death would occur in less than 24 hours.

Our pastor arrived to pray with us and to plan the funeral. The Lord had other plans and my son’s condition stabilized. He was in the hospital for four months in Shreveport and San Francisco where he was on a literal roller coaster ride between life and death every day.

Once he was able to come home, he was having more than 500 seizures a day, he was on many medications (two pages of drugs, including morphine), had a feeding tube, cortical blindness, reflux with high risk for aspiration pneumonia, shunt in his brain and the list goes one. He has many challenges and still requires around the clock care. He is truly my miracle boy to have survived two aneurysm ruptures in his brain and three full cardiac arrests!

Over the past 17 years I have had his nursing care with a number of home health agencies. I found myself looking for a new agency this year because of numerous problems with our current company and one of our case workers told me about Epic. I’d never heard of them because they didn’t have an office in our area in East Texas. After my initial telephone conversation, I was really impressed and we set up a meeting at my home. I was looking to change agencies right away and they made it happen very quickly and very efficiently. They made it look effortless and I know that it was a lot of work!

Every person that I have been in contact with through Epic has been polite, kind and caring. They really listen to any concerns that I may have and work above and beyond to fill nursing shifts and they show you that your child really comes first. I have been so impressed by the hands-on approach they have and I have told all of my friends about them. I have never had an agency work so hard to make sure the nurses are happy and make sure things are continuing to run smoothly in the home.

I am truly happy and blessed that I found Epic because just as the definition says… they are truly grand and heroic in my book and I truly appreciate the great lengths that they go to help my son have the best quality of life by providing the highest standards in nursing care! Thank you Epic… you are top notch!!