April 24, 2017

Jonathan's Landscape

Jonathan Stewart is an Epic Health Services employee who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Jonathan uses art as a means of expression and therapy. Jonathan hopes that his contributions will encourage patients to believe in themselves and strive for their dreams – just like he is doing every day!

In every walk of life we often come across a circumstance where working with others is an important part of the situation. Jonathan is here to discuss his experiences when working with others and everything he has been through and give his advice on tackling this obstacle.

Elementary Fun

Working with others has been different all throughout my life. During my early childhood it wasn’t too difficult; teachers, other adults and classmates provided a lot of help and were always willing to lend a hand in guiding me when coming across a new task. At this time I was well aware of my Asperger’s disability and it did not complicate things or make it harder for me to socialize. Most of the activities at this age involved reading aloud and teacher guided exercises. Common courtesy was a very important custom I had to remember, and also when I wanted to try a new method of doing things, discuss it with an adult first.

Time to Travel

The next part of my life was a bit different than usual but it still provided great experiences on working with others. It was one of the more complicated chapters of my life when my family and I traveled to Honduras to build our lives and new home. It was tough for me to handle the dramatic change because learning a different language like French or Plain English, which is the language people in London, England, speak is not very easy and comes with a lot of challenges.

I faced these obstacles by working with others in a slightly different way. My family was a very big help to me as I got used to it.  Some of the ways they helped me was my mom was a home school teacher and she would teach me more school things from third to sixth grade. The second way is my father would introduce me to some of the things that adults and kids would do if they were not in school such as squeezing the juice out of bamboo sticks, feeding the animals and general home construction responsibilities.

Working with Professionals

By the time I arrived to the corporate world I considered myself a professional at working with others. I would write in my journals which are one of my daily activities that I use to continue to improve when working with others. That is because I believe that if I write in my journal it would not only define how my day was and how I felt about it but it would also prove that I can prepare myself for the different environments.

Paying Off

The training I went through to get used to working with others was done in a lot of creative ways. My mother would create different lessons and my father would give me hands on experiences on different situations I could one day encounter. All this has helped me become a hard working professional who now takes on different situations with a calm state of mind.