January 6, 2012

news-sanat-angels-1-01-2012Every once in a while, a story comes along that makes you smile, moves you to tears and renews your faith in mankind. So grab a tissue … this is one of those stories.

Prior to the holidays, a good samaritan, George Brown, contacted one of our Epic branches and said that he wanted to sponsor a family for Christmas. Our branch’s Executive Director contacted the family he selected, the Shavers, and explained Mr. Brown’s offer. The Shavers have two sons. One son receives nursing services from Epic, and both sons are scheduled to receive therapy services. Surely, the Shavers’ life cannot be an easy one. Yet, unbelievably, Mrs. Shaver said that, while she was very grateful for the offer, she knew of a family that was in greater need this year – the Gants. I imagine there are very few people that are as selfless and generous as Mrs. Shaver.

news-santa-angels-2-01-2012The Gant family has three daughters, ages eleven, three and one. Their three year old daughter has cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. As if that were not enough for one family to bear, the Gant’s one year old daughter has a brain tumor and a malformation of an artery in her brain. Mrs Gant said “the little ones haven’t known anything but doctors and hospitals so they just think that is normal, but my sweet Hannah (age eleven) has felt the impact of all this more than any.”

news-santa-angels-3-01-2012On the day before Christmas, George “Santa” Brown went to meet the Gant family and brought them a truly extraordinary Christmas. Epic team member Terry Carroll was there to share in the fun and said “there wasn’t a dry eye in the house”. Thanks to the unbelievable kindness of the Shaver family and the generosity of George Brown, the Gant family experienced the joy of Christmas like never before. In expressing their thanks, Mrs. Gant’s mother said “God has blessed us tremendously with his Angels here on Earth. Your family (Mr. Brown) is truly part of the plan that has kept us going strong. The joy and excitement the girls experienced will never be forgotten … I especially appreciate all you did for Hannah as well.”

There are so many amazing pictures from that special day that you’ll want to check out our blog tomorrow. Thank goodness there are people like Mr. Brown and the Shavers. The world is a much better place because of them.